I had a reading with Penni today, and I'm not sure I can fully express the depth of that experience - yet I'll humbly attempt to do so. As you've already been a part if this 'reset to get your groove back' (to whatever level you've participated), I'm sure you feel a sense to renewed purpose/energy/inspiration for taking part. The reading that Penni did for me was absolutely the "icing on the cake' of this journey!
The amount of research she did on my birth chart (and others) alone was worth the price - but then she went further and pulled cards and read those (and...fyi - provides the documentation for all she has done to you for further review/consideration/interpretation). She spent time to discuss all of this in detail with me as well as any questions I had.
Perhaps, most importantly to comment upon is that she "hit the nail on the head"! Everything she had to say resonated with me (in a personal and meaning way). It was such a wonderful experience. I have to say, if you've been wondering what a reading would be like or are sitting on the fence in any way - I highly encourage you to move forward and do it!

Tracy Neal

I rarely write a review and post it but in this case I feel like I have to share this. I read other posts here that raved about Penni’s readings and even before that I felt drawn to sign up.
Yes my expectations were high but Penni exceeded all of them.

It wasn’t simply the readings which were spot on and insightful, or the questions she asked, also thought provoking, but her overall presence and energy creating a beautiful connection. She without a doubt has a gift and I felt as if I have known her for a lifetime (maybe more 😁).

I promise without a second of hesitation, that if you choose to have a reading you will not be disappointed. She takes her time, listens as well as speaks, never rushing and creating a space of warmth, love and being completely open. The result is an incredible, spirit-filled and fueled reading that gives much more than one can imagine.
Five stars for sure.

Jean Eger

I just had an amazing reading with Penni. It was by far the most thorough and helpful reading that I have ever had. She did a ton of research which she combined with exceptional intuitive guidance. She was spot on and had incredible insight, confirmation, encouragement and wonderful suggestions for developing a game plan for moving forward. I highly recommend a reading with her!

Jan Broomhall