Illumination Wellness with the Season

Get your personal wellness in sync with the glorious summer season, as the sun is shining brightly and farmers markets & produce stands are filled with bountiful, colorful summer produce!


July brings an infusion of life-force energy as the longer days are perfect for enjoying nature and lighter recipes that require less fuss and less cook time. 

Join me for a month of tuning into our wellbeing, as we connect to the unique energy of the season, enjoying and honoring the warmth, light, abundance and joyful camaraderie that July brings!

What's Included in this Wellness Initiative:

  • Plant-based recipe eBook that's perfectly curated to the summer season 

  • Inspiration - uplifting & educational LIVE video chats weekly

  • Daily inspirations & other fun support material

  • Private Community Facebook Group - it's supportive, upbeat and truly AWESOME!

Tuition Included with Inner Circle Membership