Soup for the Soul - All the Bowls I've Loved Before

Friends, I'm super excited to share that I just finished a brand new recipe book and it's extra fancy!

This book came together from my desire to get all my most favorite soups into one,

easy to access publication. And it became my creative project during a very cold, snowy week this winter when I literally lived on these soups!

If you're like me, you enjoy soup year round, and with this collection of both cozy cooked combos and radiantly raw blends, I hope Soup for the Soul will become one of your new go-to resources!

As you can see from the book's index, there are 40 recipes altogether, some of which you may remember and others that may be new to you!

Here are a couple of examples of the recipes (and page layouts):

All 40 recipes are plant-based and most have common ingredients that are easy to find and affordable. Eating healthy doesn't have to be expensive or bland - these combos are all packed with flavor and all the soupy goodness!

You can download your copy now by clicking on the image, above! Once you've paid for the eBook, it's just $9.99, you 'll be taken to a page where you can download the book and you'll also find the link to download a "Print Only" copy, in case you'd like to print just the index and recipes, without the photographs, which will save your printer ink and number of pages!

Thanks so much for checking out my new eBook and here's to many cozy, comforting bowls for your soul!

Love you - Penni

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