Lavender Granola Breakfast Tarts

I'm so excited to introduce you to these gorgeous Lavender Granola Breakfast Tarts! Such a delicate and delicious taste treat. The tarts are filled with store bought vanilla yogurt and topped with fresh berries, mint, and edible flowers for a lovely presentation. I am adding my recipe for coconut yogurt, in case you're feeling ambitious!

I filmed this in late June, so I think this would make an ideal breakfast for the 4th of July/Independence Day, but it makes a yummy breakfast or dessert anytime of the year!

Lavender Granola

2 1/2 cups rolled oats, gluten-free

1/2 cup sliced almonds

1/2 cup coconut shreds

2 1/2 tablespoons culinary lavender buds

2 tablespoons chia seeds

1/3 cup maple syrup, honey, coconut nectar or date paste

1/4 cup coconut oil

water, only as needed to activate the chia seeds

Preheat oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit. Melt the coconut oil until it becomes liquified. Combine ingredients in a large bowl. Press spoonfuls of the granola into greased tart tins (see video). Bake for approximately 15 minutes, watching closely to make sure the granola doesn't brown too quickly. Remove from oven and using a spoon, gently press granola down once again onto the tin - making sure the mixture is tightly connected. Allow the granola "crusts" to cool completely before removing them from. the tins, or they will fall apart.

Fill with yogurt and arrange fresh fruit, mint, and or edible flowers as desired. Serve!

Note - for a raw granola, you can spread the prepared granola out on dehydrator sheets and dehydrate at around 115 degrees until ready (about 6 hours).

Vanilla Coconut Yogurt

3 young Thai coconuts, meat only

1 tablespoon raw honey

1 probiotic capsule (contents only)

1⁄2 teaspoon fresh lime juice

1⁄2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Coconut water, as needed for blending

Blend the coconut meat with water, adding additional water as needed to reach the desired consistency. Add the probiotic powder, blending just enough to incorporate. Allow this mixture to sit in a loosely covered dish on the counter to culture 8 hours or overnight. Transfer to an airtight container and store in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.

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