Foodie Friday - Flight of Dressings for Unicorn Salads

Everytime I post a salad on social media, folks always ask about what dressing I use, so I wanted to devote an episode to JUST dressing. I've made a flight of dressings for you to enjoy and that you can easily whip up for all your unicorn salads! The image below is a Massaged Kale Salad with Blueberry Vinaigrette - it was my dinner and it was SO tasty!!

You can access all the recipes that are available in a downloadable pdf format when you become an Inner Circle member of this website. The membership gives you access to the private members only portion of this website and it entitles you to lots of additional content, the community, special videos from me, members' only specials on courses and private sessions with me. Click here for more details.

I hope you'll come and join our Inner Circle!

Love you!

Penni xo

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