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Plant Medicine - Elderberry Syrup

You're in for a real treat. My trip to Sarah Allen’s magical, enchanted home, kitchen and garden for a ceremonial Elderberry Syrup tutorial was incredible.

Please enjoy this 20-ish minutes of delight. Sarah IS Autumn Enchantment - herbs, intuition & wellness, personified.

You can find Sarah on Facebook or on Instagram @sarahwanderingwild


Syrup: A sweetened infusion or decoction. In this case we are using honey to sweeten and brandy to preserve.

Equipment: Two stainless steel pans, burner, wooden spoon, measuring cup, strainer, cheesecloth or an almond milk making bag, funnel, tablespoon, scale, dark glass amber bottles with lids, and labels.

Ingredients: - 16 oz Elderberries - 3 oz fresh ginger root - 3 oz Oregon grape root - 2 tbsp. cinnamon chips - 1 tbsp. slippery elm root - 2 tbsp. dried mullein - 1 tbsp lion’s mane powder - 1 tbsp reishi powder - 2 cups honey - 10 cups water - 1/2 cup Brandy

Method: Chop ginger, and weigh herbs. Combine with water in a stainless steel pan, bring to a boil and let simmer on low for at least one to three hours, or if possible overnight. Next, strain herbs into the other pan using cloth and strainer. Once mentsrum is filtrated, add honey and brandy at a low heat stirring often with wooden spoon. Lastly, using a measuring cup and funnel, pour syrup into dark glass bottles and add labels.

Compost leftover herbs, give thanks to the ones who give us life.

Thank you to Becca, whom I learned this recipe from, who first opened my sleepy eyes to magic. Thank you to all of the women who have come before us, carrying this medicinal lineage. Thank you to Chris, for introducing me to Becca.

To all my relations, I say thank you - Sarah Allen

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