Building Your Personal Wellness Arsenal

As it turns out, nearly everything that rejuvenates the immune system is ALSO what supports the big picture in cultivating the equilibrium of our wellness.


As we make lifestyle choices to regenerate our immunity, we are also assisting in balancing our weight, blood pressure and blood sugar, reducing inflammation, normalizing hormones, healing our digestive tract, and fighting cancer.


Mother Nature abundantly offers us her bounty of plants - as medicines - a powerful and effective ammunition in assisting an immune system that supports us in staying healthy, minimizing symptoms and effects if we do have illness, and creates the foundation for graceful, vibrant longevity.

What's Included in this Wellness Initiative:

  • Plant-based recipe eBooks to Rejuvenate Immunity 

  • Your Pantry IS Your Apothecary - a shopping wish list of all the tools you may wish to build your wellness armory

  • Education - inspiring, uplifting & educational written and LIVE video chats

  • Daily inspirations, meditations & other support material

  • Private Community Facebook Group - it's AWESOME!

Tuition Included with Inner Circle Membership
Returning participants - Pay what you wish to join in for all the new recipes & content!
To apply for a full or partial scholarship send me an email at

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