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Schedule a Private Reading

A very personalized one hour phone session with Penni. She uses various tools, including your natal chart, planetary transits, cards and her intuitive gifts to help you gain clarity in areas of your life that are of most interest to you.


Keeping It Real, One Drink at a Time

This top selling eCollection includes nearly 250 pages of information on juicing, juice fasting/feasting and liquid fasting and is a marvelous resource for anyone who is interested in juicing or blending for health.

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Elevated Eats for the Holidays

My first holiday recipe collection in over a decade will be released in a few days!!
NOW available for preorder!


Elevated Eats 

Beautify Your Life with Heart-Centered Eating & Inspiration!

A comprehensive eCollection of all the favorite recipes from the past decade by Penni Shelton.
Over 160 delicious, plant-based recipes to help support you in living your most beautiful, elevated life.

Penni Shelton